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The POLAR FUND AI system works effectively in any market, be it bearish, bullish, or sideways. The POLARFUND neural network calculates hundreds of patterns per minute and finds the most profitable entry point into the market.

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Based on artificial intelligence and big data technology, the POLARFUND system identifies patterns and applies them to high-frequency trading.

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The POLARFUND system is ahead of any competitors in terms of performance, thereby extracting maximum profit from each trading transaction.
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sign up We prioritize business goals that machine learning excels at achieving. We create accurate datasets by building apps that make it easy to collect better data. And we write algorithms that learn from your best decision makers and deliver targeted decision guidance in real time.
This is the magic of A.I.

How it works

POLARFUND is not a simple trading robot, script, or indicator. POLARFUND platform is a software package based on a neural network and artificial intelligence, which consists of four main modules:

1. POLARFUND Research and Analytics
The POLARFUND R&A module examines historical and real-time data, market volumes in a given period, candlestick patterns and price-action scenarios, creating a constantly updated foundation for the work of the next module - POLARFUND Pattern Builder.
2. POLARFUND Pattern Builder
The POLARFUND pattern builder module receives an array of data from the first module and processes it, finding matches and patterns in the behavior of the asset price, creating trading patterns in real time. Patterns are transferred to the next module – POLARFUND trade station.
3. POLARFUND Trading Desk
The POLARFUND Trading Desk module loads patterns from the previous module and searches for the most suitable and profitable entry points into the market, taking into account all factors such as liquidity, news noise, the number of open positions and the depth of the order book.
4. POLARFUND Risk Management
Depending on market volatility and counter signals, this module allows you to control all floating profits and losses, closing positions partially or completely depending on the market situation.


From data collection to market entry based on dozens of criteria, POLARFUND is a fully autonomous artificial intelligence that processes incredibly large volumes of data in a minimum amount of time, thereby generating stable and high income.

High profitability Receive 8% profit every working day for 20 days
Convenient investments Control your investments from anywhere in the world using a convenient personal account
Profitable affiliate program Share the platform with your friends and receive cash bonuses for every deposit up to 7.5%!
Fast return on investment After just 20 business days, your deposit is completed and you receive 160% of net profit.
Secure investments We do not require you to confirm your identity, and all transactions are carried out anonymously using cryptocurrency.


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Hello Polarians!

We continue to develop our platform and are pleased to inform you...
Hello Polarians!
After four months of alpha testing of our platform, we are pleased to...
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